The Importance Of Personal Writing

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My mind has always been full of stories. Countless hours have been spent filling notebooks and the internet with my deepest thoughts. Tales to compel laughter in children, articles addressing the insecurities of young women, and my personal narratives seem to flow through my fingers. Writing is a never-ending reservoir of possibility. However, I was not always so eager to reveal my untold stories. Crafting sentences was uninteresting and a chore to my young self. My mother noticed this view and decided to give me something that changed my mind. The morning that she gifted me a journal was the start of lifelong passion and endless adventure.

I was sitting at the dining room table, twirling a pencil in my hands and glaring at a blank composition book. The notebook had been placed there by my mother with the simple instruction to write a paragraph. I could think of a million activities that I would rather do. Chief among them was to play pirates with my little brother. “Writing is fun.” Enthused my mother as she gave my two brothers notebooks that resembled mine. The look on my sibling’s faces indicated that they didn’t believe her. Doubts as to the truth of her statement crossed my mind as well, but I masked it. How could writing be more entertaining than fighting pirates? Along with the journal, my family would begin a new routine.

Each morning, my siblings and I would sit at the table and write a paragraph. Ordinarily, this would have seemed bland to my fourth-grade

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