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On September 5th, FIU sent an External Relations email. I have a bad habit of missing important information because I skim emails too quickly, but the main point was hard to miss this time: “Classes canceled.” I let a sigh of relief. I welcomed the fact that I didn’t have to wake up at six o’clock again. Too bad that would be quickly overshadowed in a matter of twelve hours. Since I was the only one in my extended family who knew my way around the web, it was up to me to inform everyone about the ins and outs of the hurricane. The task was a bit tedious, but it’s better than moving heavy objects around. All I had to do is perform a quick Google search and all the information was there. My main objective was to find Irma’s trajectory and …show more content…

My parents were basically the storm before the hurricane. My dad sliced three long plywood boards into seven so that he can cover the windows completely. Sawdust swirled into the air, mixing in with the established anxiety. The cacophony of electric drills sealed my apartment from the warm light of the outside. My mother rushed from room to room, trying to arrange the furniture to protect them. The furniture hastily flew away from the windows and landed rashly into my room. I was grounded by the unstable island that was the dinner table, something that will also be pushed away from the windows by my mother. Questions continuously pelted me. My family’s group chat was filled with messages laced with delirium. “Where’s the hurricane now?”, “What evacuation zone are we in?”, and my favorite, and sadly the most popular, “Are we going to die!?” It was exhausting answering these questions. First, I had to know if my apartment’s location was safe enough to go through the storm. Words blurred as I continued to scroll down the search results for the infamous evacuation zones. I trudged through the same low-resolution map where the streets all merged into each other. The sawdust and anxiety slowly crawled into my system, mixing together to form exhaustion in my brain. My body decided to let my mind rest and go help the indoor storm prepare for the hurricane. When my mind started working again, the indoor storm finished. The sawdust finally settled on the

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