The Importance Of Politics In America

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Class/Div. Mode: Politics
It was mid-August. School had just begun. Students were still in shock as their minds were still contemplating over the fact that summer was over. The quick transition hit the seniors especially hard because it was their last year; they were so close to escaping the prison known as school.
One sweltering August day, Mr. Smith’s 5th period government class was just beginning to learn about political systems in the United States. On this hot, humid August day, the students had just returned from lunch and the air conditioner’s cold airy breeze, was seducing them to sleep. Their tummies were full, and the temperature was just perfect. they sat down in their seats—slowly …show more content…

Although the parties’ views differ from the Jacksonian era, the conceptuality is essentially the same. The Democratic Party primarily is made up of immigrants, blue-collar workers, women, and minorities. The Democrats’ ideals line up with more liberal views. They oftentimes believe in having the federal government helping those in need and that it should play a more active role in people’s lives. A notable Democrat who essentially encompassed the ideal definition of one is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who enacted numerous governmental programs to help the United States out of the economic depression.”
At this point, an hour had passed by in Mr. Smith’s class. It was now 1:47 and the students had only 59 minutes left until the end of class. At this point in the class period, over 50 percent of the class was knocked out. It was a new record! Although snores could be heard throughout the class, Mr. Smith either did not hear it or chose to ignore it, and continued on with his monotonous lecture. The students who were awake were praying for their sanity as they could not take any more of this mindless lecturing. They had resorted to counting the seconds in every minute until the end of the class period to maintain their sanity. After what felt like a decade, it was finally 2:00 P.M. The students sighed in relief as they only had 46 more minutes to go.
Mr. Smith continued on mindlessly, without ever realizing his students’ internal

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