The Importance Of Preventive Care

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Preventive care has always been a very important factor in the health care system. It has allowed for illness to stop further spreading and a lot of times to be controlled before they been start. The definition of Preventive care is ultimately the “Actions taken to avoid contracting a medical condition” (Makely, 2017, Pg. 7). Prevention has basically helped better the health of the overall nation while helping also reduce the cost of healthcare. Throughout the years it has evolved more and has really become and asset to the health care services offered to patients. The United States as well as other countries now see how important it is to actually try and prevent illness before they even start and become a bigger issue to the nation. Due to the importance that The United States and other countries see in preventive care they have focused more on the funding that goes to preventive care, even though their can never really be enough attention that goes to preventive care. Many chronic diseases like hearth disease, diabetes, strokes, and arthritis can definitely be stopped before they even start or before they affect a person to the point that the illness interferes with their day to day life. Preventive care has really helped the overall health of the nation and has been pushed more through with the pass of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as the Obamacare Act was placed in full effect in March of 2010 by President Barack Obama almost most of the provisions of the

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