The Importance Of Privacy And Security In The United States

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Privacy and Security
Privacy is a fundamental right which many people expect to have; however, it is bizarre to find individuals who have complete privacy in today's world. However, people are protected under the First and Fourth amendment, which gives them rights to speech, to drink or smoke in their houses without governmental intrusion. But when those rights are violated, people have the options to dispute those actions and if not satisfied with the results, they may take it to the courts. McNutt’s technology used in Baltimore, gives McNutt’s program the right to look into citizens’ lives. Although, it acts as a nation’s protector and crime preventer, it is also on a massive scale, a privacy invader.
The right to privacy is a cornerstone characteristic in America's democratic society. According to the source, “As technology is quickly becoming cheaper and more powerful, and interest in deploying drones among police departments is increasing around the country, our privacy laws are not strong enough to ensure that the new technology will be used responsibly and consistently with democratic values.” (aclu, 2011). The surveillance plays a significant role to prevent crimes by warning the criminal that their unlawful activity will be filmed on cameras. Therefore, the police can easily arrest them and bring them back to justice. It helps providing useful evidence for trials and makes the prosecution easier. The major advantage of using surveillance cameras is to protect

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