The Importance Of Professionalism For A Nurse

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Florence Nightingale has been recognized as the first nurse. Her actions and writings have had a tremendous effect on the nursing field and future nurses 7. Her teachings of strength, care, and perseverance have inspired me while I have pursued a career in Nursing. With her lessons in mind, I have continued to learn several important characteristics while attending my Nursing course this semester. Nursing is a profession that encompasses the importance of professionalism, nursing attributes, and responsibilities, inter-professionalism, communication skills, equal care, QSEN qualities such as evidence-based practice, reducing medical errors, quality, and safety of patients. Professionalism for a nurse begins when he or she begins attending nursing school. For example, a student can demonstrate professionalism to classmates and instructors by turning in assignments on time, working diligently, and confronting conflicts in a mature manner 2. By providing a professional environment in class, instructors and classmates will have more respect for that particular student as he or she progresses through clinicals, other course work and eventually into a career as a Nurse. When a nurse has graduated, she can continue her professionalism by continuing her education. Due to the fact that medicine is an ever-changing field, it is important for a nurse to stay up to date on her skills and knowledge. For example, by continuing to learn, a nurse can provide the best care for a patient

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