The Importance Of Public Education

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All over television, commercials are shown about the suffering countries trapped in the merciless claws of poverty. Heartstrings are tugged and people yearn to act in valiancy to save those desperate people. The solution is quite a bit simpler contrary to what most people think- public education. Public education improves the economic status - provides better jobs -, improves the citizens’ status, and improves the overall status of a country. Some cultures would argue that their women should not be educated, however, women are human beings with equal rights and should be granted the privilege of being educated; likewise, over half of most countries’ population consist of women, thus annexing them into the educated society would be extremely valuable to the country. Improving the economic status of a country is a tremendous factor in the growth of a country. As people in a country are educated, they develop a greater knowledge about how an economy is ran; they better understand how to handle money, how to invest, and what can be done to improve the economy. Both the consumers and producers in the economy execute smarter decisions on buying and selling, and thus the economy prospers. Along with that, gaining an education indirectly trains people to manage and use technology. Technology is proven to be an enormous part of a growing economy. “The ICT sector is, and is expected to remain, one of the largest employers. In the US alone, computer and information technology jobs

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