The Importance Of Public School Education

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Education is a privilege that many American students take for granted. When students start the school year, what they are going to learn and how they are going to learn is already decided. This has been the method used for years and though, for the most part, it is a reliable system, it does not always prove to be the best method in low income schools (Spring). Public school education quality affects where it is located and its environment. The students that go to public school in impoverished areas are poor and their main focus is on them surviving day to day for the most part. They are not worried about obtaining good grades or learning but are more worried about having their basic needs met. So not only are they set up to fail because lack of education, but they do not have the money to improve their education or to go somewhere better. The environment these students are in does not make them successful, because the public school they are zoned for does not have the money to invest into the students, which in return results in the students having nothing to invest back into the environment, community, and others. Sadly, the school does not have the resources to improve the below average situation.
Low Funds in Environment
One of the the main disadvantage schools in impoverished areas have is that their “school finance is based on local property taxes (Porter).” The environment around the schools includes people in extreme poverty. Just in Georgia,

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