The Importance Of Relying On Parents Being The Main Ones Shape A Child 's Future Essay

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His theory proposed the idea of relying on parents being the main ones to shape a child’s future, when a child is younger they are the main one to support the child but this depends on the family being a nuclear family and not a single parent family; when a parent is caring for a child on their own they may leave their child in the care of a nursery this can often cause the child to build a stronger relationships with their key person as they spend more time with them than their parents this can also happen in the case of grandparents looking after then a child may feel closer to them. This however changes when the child’s grow up entering adolescence as they are more likely to be influenced by their peers as they will begin to spend more time with them than family.
“Friendship attachments are important during adolescence because they are sources of emotional security and support, contexts for growth in social competence, and prototypes for later relationships” (Seiffge-Krenke, 1993)
His theory also showed me that although parents are the biggest influence on children, once they grow up they are not the ones influencing the children as they become more influenced by their peers once they are older; they will spend more time with their friend so can often sometimes pick up the same habits as their friends. By looking at his theory I have picked up skills on how to talk to young people when they are going through difficult transition; this will later affected my practice as

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