The Importance Of Residential Education

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Throughout Residential Education, I have learned many different skills which can be applied to various aspects of my life. These skills include time-management, conflict management, social-media management, and sexual consent advice. Each of these skills have been, and can be continued to be, applied to my life at NCSSM, in my personal life, and in college. Each of these four topics were covered for one week each in residential education with corresponding powerpoint or discussions, and required out-of-class assignments. Accordingly, one of the skills which residential education taught me was time-management. Residential education introduced me to the quadrant system, which I previously had no experience with. The quadrant system involves…show more content…
At NCSSM, I have been able to utilize this concept to slow down my thoughts and allow me to respond more professionally to conflict. With the principles of creating empathy for the other person, responding respectfully, and being ready to grant forgiveness, I have been able to respond to conflict much more efficiently at NCSSM. By using these principles, me and my roommate avoided a few conflicts such as missing food and sleep schedules. These principles also help to ensure that my reactions to conflict don’t lead to problems with administration, and ensure that I keep a clear mind, controlling my reactions. This has been especially useful in my personal life, as I have been responding to conflict much more professionally, which leads to healthier relationships and decreased stress levels. Down the road, these skills will be especially useful as my conflicts will increase in importance throughout my life, especially in my college career path. Later in the trimester, we learned about social-media images and how we present ourselves on the internet. Before the serious discussion which we had in class, I had never considered social media creating an online image and never appreciated the consequences of internet posts. The application of this concept could have beneficial outcomes in various aspects of life as having a good image is especially important in sociability. Often times, being sociable is an important side of business
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