The Importance Of Revenge In Hamlet

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“Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Act I Scene V, Ghost). The Ghost is a messenger from Hell that persuades a vulnerable Hamlet into doing evil acts against his family and those that appear closest to him. In behavior alone, Hamlet’s dramatic change in personality shows how the Ghost has influenced him in an evil way. There are multiple examples throughout this entire play that displays a dark cloud that follows Hamlet around. Unfortunately, these bad things just continue to happen to Hamlet and around him. The Ghost poses as a helpful character, in the beginning, showing Hamlet what really happened, but he actually just wanted to take revenge on the person who killed him.
The Ghost enters into the story in the figure of Hamlet’s recently deceased father to Marcellus and Bernardo, the two guards in the tower. They immediately report this sighting to Horatio to witness the sighting of the Ghost. Horatio then is shocked because he sees the Ghost is wearing armor similar to that of King Hamlet’s, who had recently passed away. This makes Prince Hamlet aware of the sighting as well. Hamlet then consequently goes to see the Ghost and follows him out past the castle walls. He then proceeds to tell him that his uncle, who had just married Hamlet’s mother, killed his father in his sleep with poison and that he must seek revenge. Right from the beginning, the Ghost is implementing horrible ideas into Hamlet’s mind who is hurt by the passing of his father. He

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