The Importance Of Sacred Tradition And Sacred Scripture

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Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are important to the Catholic Church and they have an in depth meaning to the people within the faith. With this in depth meaning, the Church can bring the Gospel and Sacred Scriptures to the forefront of the lives of God’s people. This relationship between God and his people can bring light to those in this world and witness to those outside the Church. Sacred Tradition teaches the old and new traditions to many people. In knowing the Sacred Tradition, the importance of the Catholic faith can be expressed to abundance of people. One way of gaining tradition is through Sacred Scripture. The Scripture or Word of God gives knowledge and the love of God and his son, Jesus to everyone. Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are different in many ways but they are both focused on doing the same things. One of the major things that they have in common is that they are both used by God to communicate with his people. They are both important to help people follow the path that is necessary for a growth in holiness. The teachings of Jesus to the Apostles, who in turn handed it onto others, were written in the Holy Scriptures, while the tradition was placed by practicing the faith and the things that the Lord did for others.
Jesus completed the traditions of the Old Testament in the New Testament. Through this, it is shown that Sacred Tradition started in the Old Testament with the teaching of the Hebrews and Jewish beliefs. Jesus

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