The Importance Of School Nursing

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1 How long have you been a school nurse? Why did you choose school nursing? “I have been practicing as a school nurse for the past 27 years throughout various schools, my longest placement at a school has been here at Coe-Brown. I chose do become a school nurse because I wanted to have the same schedule that my kids would be having. Over these 27 years, I have found a love for the autonomy and the ability I have to support these children and their families to be as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.” 2 How has school nursing changed over the time you have been a school nurse. Please include a discussion about federal regulations and policy impacting education (include ADA, IDEA specifically public laws that entitle children to the least restrictive environment to education until they are 21 years old) “Although I have kept confidentiality as a highly valuable aspect in nursing, I find that over time I am not only keeping confidentiality throughout my office, but the entire school. Since technology has drastically increased its appearance over the years, I find that I need to be extra careful to make sure not only am I maintaining confidentiality, but that my other staff and team members are maintaining it as well. In regards to children who are staying until they are 21, children with special needs before were part of a separate program, which created isolation between them and the rest of the student population. AS of today, these children are integrated into

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