The Importance Of Science And Religion

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Science and religion have, since the Enlightenment, been part in a constant struggle and debate based on their legitimacy and their coexistence. Mostly Christianity has been criticized in this discussion due to the extreme positions some followers might have, but also most scholars still today have a Christian background or still follow the Christian cults. The coexistence of science and religion poses an ethical problem since many deeply believe in the absolute truth science can provide on the long term and fill the gaps of unknown knowledge the scientific community has right now. On the other hand, religious people believe in a holy book that states to know the solutions and how to fill these gaps since they trust a holy spirit that has created and managed the world. Faith followers also think that religion help them to have a greater sense of community and gratefulness through religious practice. It is clear that science and religion provide answers to different questions which make them non-overlapping magisteria. This paper will argue and defend the fact that science will not make religion obsolete since they provide different answers. To support this argument, the first part of this paper will be an exposition of the argument and how scientists have perceived the issue, followed by a second part consecrated to a critical evaluation of the problems as well as opposing points of view in order to finally conclude. Science will not make religion useless. Respected

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