The Importance Of Security In School Security

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Identification and exploration of need
I aim to design a simple system to implement into the schools existing security as at the moment it is very easy for people to enter and exit the school both in and out of school hours.Also with incidents involving the school poorly set up security system makes more of a need for an update the current one.Although it is a bad thing be so open it also does have the benefit of allowing staff and students to leave when allowed but also allowing them to leave without permission.Having a stricter system may slow down the process of people exiting and entering the school legitimately

Areas of investigation
Areas i believe need to be investigated-
How often staff or students leave the school with permission within school hours ?
Is it a danger not having it ?
Consideration of design factors
Criteria to evaluate success
The success of this design will be assessed from the function and ergonomics of this design as it needs to function and solve the problem of the lack of security currently, yet whilst stricting the security make sure people that are trying to leave and enter the school properly can do so.Meaning that the system will be deemed successful if it is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to students and and the community yet have a distinct look that will deter unwanted people. Also it will need to perform the the task of keeping people inside the school safe and the schools property safe as well

Time and action plan
Term 2

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