The Importance Of Self-Hypnosis In Recovering

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For clinicians to work efficiently, it is important to find ways to create distance from the suffering. Self-hypnosis is very effective in recovering the energy needed to let go of stress and manage the accumulation of negative influences (Ruysschaert, 2009, pp. 164-165). Regular practice of self-hypnosis is recommended as a “first important step in self-care, promoting self-awareness, and distancing the self from the outside world to enter the inner world of one’s own experience” (Ruysschaert, 2009, p. 165). Letting go is possible through self-hypnosis by the use of guided imagery. For example, “imagining thoughts as clouds, coming and going, and just noticing what happens” (Ruysschaert, 2009, p. 165). One way in particular can be to “imagine

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