The Importance Of Self-Value In Education

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What do students often use to measure their self-value? They don’t use how fast they can run, how much money they have, or how well they can play the trumpet. Instead they use grades. A numerical value that is created to show the “mastery” of a subject which in reality only reflects how well a student can memorize the facts thrown at them. Even worse, there is little thought put in the emotional strain and negative psychological effects of students pushing themselves so that they can have the highest scores. The current form of education pushes this type of pressure onto students because of the sheer amount of information students must memorize and recite. Memorization is used as the tool to measure intelligence rather than critical thinking or problem-solving skills. Freire calls this the “banking system” and it doesn’t prepare these students at all for what is coming in the real world. Instead a system called “problem-posing” or a system which allows students to explore what they want to learn would better prepare these students and allow them to be more creative.
Placing self-value into a number or letter can only lead to negative results. Even students who normally exceed in school face the consequences of this; if they don’t do well on everything they begin to question if they really are smart. Not only does their own personal judgement make them feel worse, but the negative reinforcement that they receive from both their fellow students and the school system in

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