The Importance Of Senior Year In High School

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“Hard work pays off; Hard work pays off.” I have always wondered, when exactly it was going to pay off. As a 16-year-old junior in high school with a handful of opportunities, I had only one goal in mind: get the best grades possible for next year’s graduation. This goal meant I had to enter senior year with a secure seat as the valedictorian. But when I received my transcript in the beginning of my junior year, it said senior. The title of senior was due to the credit equivalence of an average New York senior in high school. This crucial information whipsawed me between being the valedictorian or becoming an early high school graduate. That was the moment I decided to take fate into my own hands and become an early high school advanced regents graduate. However, my success in high school led to the opportunity to accelerate to senior status earlier than expected. Graduating a year earlier meant I would get a yearlong head start in my career path. With diligence and resilience, I graduated June 25, 2015 with a mastery in science award, a civil leader award, a National Honor Society member award, and an advanced regents diploma. The moment upon completion, a near impossible goal, my family, friends, and companions in cohort 2015 were all proud of me. It was an accomplishment that shall be remembered for the rest of my life.

"Take a seat." For those in a position of great authority, they say this in their offices; for me, it was in the corner of a boxing gym during my

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