The Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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Do you expect to be taught correct information in schools? Though it may be the expectation, that is not the case in 30 states when it comes to sex education. Despite the many contracting political views, religious views, or any other barrier involved in teaching sex education, there needs to be a standard set across all school to teach medically accurate information to students in order to ensure safety. Leslie Kantor and Nicole Levitz in the research article, “Parents’ Views on Sex Education in Schools: How much do Democrats and Republicans agree?” detail the relationship between political views and views on sex education. Remarkably, the political leaning of the kids’ parent did not differ too much when asked about sex education at the high school level. So, if 86% of both democratic and republican parents believe that sex education in high school is “very important”, then why is it not a standard to teach medically accurate information? Well, since each state creates their own laws, it is hard to create a nationwide standard when it comes to any type of education (Kantor 4). In their article “State Policies on Sex Education in Schools,” the authors of the National Conference of State Legislature state the current policies set in place by each state for each grade in regard to sex education. In some states parents are allowed to take their children out of their health class during the sex unit, and in others they are not even required to teach their students about

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