The Importance Of Sin In The Crucible

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Puritans want to purify the world and destroy sin that goes around in it. They broke off from the Roman Catholic Church, for they had separate beliefs and felt mistreated. Their beliefs included many of the same ideals of a catholic, but they took those ideals to an extreme. They believed that sinning had something to do with the devil controlling the human body. The Puritans strongly believed that lying to others was an ultimate sin, and they were to only tell the truth. Moreover, God didn’t appreciate his followers to lie. In the Crucible, Elizabeth was in the wrong for lying about his lechery, because lying is against her religion, and once John confessed, there wasn’t much Elizabeth could’ve done for John except tell the truth. She was also known to be a truthful person, so she shouldn’t have lied and sticked with what she knew, consciously, was right.

Again, lying to the court about lechery was the wrong decision; furthermore, Elizabeth went against her religion, and made John seem like a liar. Due to John accusing Abigail of lying, once Elizabeth lied about the lechery, it made his accusation sound like a lie. Danforth explains to Abigail, “But likewise, children, the law and bible damn all bearers of false witness” (Crucible. 3. 614-616). Danforth explains in court that lying is not called for, nor is it welcomed in court and religion. Danforth says this because he can then connect law to religion as a church and state collaboration. Danforth tries to intimidate

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