The Importance Of Social Media

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Social networking such as Facebook is a form of social media, which is an online environment where a user is able to construct personal profiles and interact with other users (Lenhart, Madden, 2007). Individuals use these sites to improve social relationships, communicate, entertain as well as exchange data. Social network sites (SNS) play a vital role in supplying information to its users, and individuals are becoming more reliant on social media for processing and collecting several types of information. This text will provide a narrow focus on the topic of social media dependence including an evaluation of the current methodologies used to measure it. Finally, a conclusion will be presented summarising the main points of the text including future recommendations. In March 2016 it was reported that Facebook has an average of 1.09 Billion daily active users worldwide (Facebook, 2016). This demonstrates the vast popularity of SNS like Facebook, though researchers have found inconsistencies concerning the dependence from those who engage frequently in social media using empirical research. For instance Valenzuela, Park, and Kee (2009) argued that Facebook use was positively correlated with life satisfaction. Similar results were found for Facebook use and psychological well-being by Ellison, Steinfield, and Lampe (2007). However, Kalpidou, Costin, and Morris (2011) reported that Facebook use was negatively correlated with self-esteem. Furthermore, Kross et al (2013)

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