The Importance Of Sports

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Sports are one of the most watched pieces of entertainment in America, and around the world. People watch sports because you never know the outcomes of the games, and because you can root for your chosen team. When a person thinks a about a sport the first thing that comes to their head is probably something like football or soccer, but what about chess or even video games. Sports are usually thought of as games that require strength and physical skill to preform, but sports should be defined by competitiveness, strategy, and entertainment value. Sports that most people watch include some sort of use of strength, an example of this being football. Football does require strength to play well, but it is far more important to have strategy …show more content…

If an average person were to play these video games against them, they would lose, by a lot, just like if average people played soccer against a professional team. So clearly these players possess a high amount of skill in their game so why is that skill not consider the same as that of an athlete. Most people would think sports should include a physical element sports require competitiveness even more. A sport in which there is no competition would be pointless, and more importantly no one would play. The competitive nature of sports is what makes them so popular. At the end of the day one team wins, and one team loses. Competition is what drives players to do their best so that they can win. The competitive nature of sports is what forms rivalries, and what drives fans to games. If there were no competition in sports, there would be no reason to watch. National and worldwide sports events, like the super bowl, world cup, or even video game tournaments, bring in some of the largest viewership’s in the world. People want to find out what team or country is the best at the sport in question. Chess and Video games both meet this standard due to their extreme competitiveness. If something has no competitive element, it cannot call itself a sport. While sports require competition, they also require an amount of strategy. Sports require a strategy to win. If there were no strategy required

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