The Importance Of Stereotypes On Society

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Harper Lee, an American novelist, once wrote, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view” (User). We as humans are very quick to judge; hence, in our eyes others are portrayed by outward appearances and not on their background or what they are going through. Stereotypes do nothing but hurt the world, whereas it would be a much better place if we were all united as one and stereotypes didn't exist. Stereotypes can be defined as viewing an entire group of people in a generalized way, and they impact our society in many ways (Stereotype). For example, in an interview with Guy Raz from NPR, Jamila Lyiscott says, “You have this lens where you're looking at yourself through the lens of other people …show more content…

In addition, in the story, “Desiree’s Baby,” stereotypes are explained and shown how they affect society. Readers notice that making judgements about a particular person or group of people that you may not know knowledge about, can never be good or end well. Sometimes we as people are quick to judge based on outward appearance, and we care what others opinion of ourselves is. In reality your opinion of you is the only one that matters. Without a doubt, developing stereotypes is not a good habit to have. To reveal that going down the path of developing labels isn't good, the author writes, “She walked across a deserted field, where the stubble bruised her tender feet, so delicately shod, and tore her thin gown to shreds” (Chopin). This helps support the definition of stereotypes by revealing that Desiree began to view herself through the false stereotype others had defined her as. Labels and stereotypes affect society in a negative way, they decrease self-confidence, and once you know that stereotype you sometimes view yourself that way and look at yourself as less than. Stereotypes and discrimination affect everyone, even athletes. Jackie Robinson, born in the south in the 1900s, broke barriers, set records, and ultimately left an impact on many athletes to come. After his service in the Army, he began playing baseball in the Negro-Leagues. Soon the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers chose him to play in the MLB. Robinson knew he was going to be

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