The Importance Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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The US has the highest firearm death rate,and alaska is the state with highest gun related deaths.This is why in my opinion we need stricter gun laws,enforced by the federal government. Even if some people disobey the new gun laws after they receive punishment it could reduce the amount of deaths.

Stricter gun laws will help decrease the amount of deaths caused by people who misuse firearms while under the influence. It will help because It will be more challenging to get a gun to be able to misuse. “According to decades of research at the Harvard school of public health the rate of guns to homicides is like Nicholas Cage and terrible movies.” The article also states “Put simply, if your fellow citizens have easy access to guns, they’re are more likely to kill you than if they don’t.” This is true not only for the 26 developed countries that were analyzed but also on a state to state level. …show more content…

“According to a report in the Boston Globe, states with high levels of gun ownership have a suicide rate almost twice as high as those with low gun ownership level. Even more worrying people who committed suicide were seventeen times more likely to live with guns at home than not.” Therefore if there were more enforced gun laws, the rate of suicides would decrease and tragedy would be

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