Pillow Method Paper

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Pillow Method Paper

The pillow method is a five-step process used to resolve a disagreement or enable two people to gain understanding from a disagreement. The process involves each individual to look at the problem through five different perspectives. These steps or perspectives include: “I’m right you’re wrong”, “You’re right I’m wrong”, “both right both wrong”, “this issue isn’t important”, and “the truth is in all perspectives” (Alder & Proctor, p. 104). The purpose of the pillow method is for each person to gain insight from each step in the process. By looking at the problem from multiple perspectives each person gets the chance to enhance their cognitive complexity (Alder & Proctor, p. 104). In this paper I
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Guns are a major problem in our society and the numbers of these gun-related murders are continuing to rise. On top of the murders you also have people losing their lives through misfire and gun-related suicides. The total death toll of all gun-related deaths averages over 30,000 per year in the U.S. ( I believe that enforcing stricter gun laws will contribute to getting these numbers lower. The numbers do not lie, we as a society have a problem with gun-violence and we need to do something to fix it.

“You’re right I’m wrong”: This step in the pillow method requires me to look at the problem from my co-workers point of view while trying to find the flaws in my own argument (Alder & Proctor, p. 104). Switching perspectives, I can see my coworker’s point on how introducing new gun laws can lead to a slippery slope. There is always the chance that the enforcement of new gun laws could not have a significant affect on the rate of gun-related deaths in our country. This also could lead to tougher laws being put in place until we reach the point were guns are banned all together. If guns were to be banned all together, it would put law-abiding citizens at risk of criminals who disregard the law. It would put Americans citizens at risk of martial law
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