The Importance Of Student And Parent Involvement In Children And Children

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Learning is a teamwork effort dispersed between teachers, students, faculty, and parents. Furthermore, understanding Student and Parent Rights and Responsibilities are important for educators to understand for their own individual classroom knowledge. In addition, there are many different constitutional rights that are complicated and depend on the circumstance that is present. Therefore, understanding some of these principals will tremendously help educators, parents, and even students become more familiar with these legal justices that can lead to quality learning environments. Furthermore, parents are essential for helping a child with cooperation and continuous motivation. There are many benefits listed in the textbook that involve parent involvement such as: Positive behavior, long-term achievement, conscientious homework completion, increase in attendance, and graduation rates. Additionally, with the interaction between parents and students, it is a lot easier for the teacher to deal with disruptive behavior by gaining an insight to their home life which might indicate why they are acting a certain way (Introduction to Teaching, 336). With that being said, parent involvement might not be a natural habit. Therefore, making a proactive effort to reach out to parents is essential. Parent involvement starts at the beginning of the year when a teacher tells about his or her class. Secondly, parent teacher conferences allow parents to be reinforced on news throughout the

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