Symbiotic Relationship Between Teachers And Parents

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The research theory that the direction of causation between child and adult behavior is a two-way street can cause the parents to change the behaviors of the child and the child can change the behaviors of the parent. Additionally, research has shown parents of children with disabilities are very adapt at adjusting their interactions with their children to maximize positive development. Research has proven the purpose of early intervention is not to train the parents but to develop the parent-child relationship.
The symbiotic relationship between teachers and parents is crucial to the educational success of a student. Parents must be involved with their child’s education through consistent attendance of IEP meetings and advocate for their child and their needs at school. Teachers can encourage parent involvement through, traveling notebooks home and note home programs which establish an open line of communication between teacher and parent. Parent-teacher conferences are a great way for teachers and parents to be involved in the success of the student's educational experience.
There are several issues related to parental reactions to having a child with a disability. Having a child with a disability can have an effect on family dynamics as well as a change in work habits, some parents have to work fewer hours, change jobs, or become a stay at home parent in order to properly care for their child’s needs. Parents cope with their guilt, feelings, and public reactions

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