The Importance Of Success In American History : An Analysis Of The World

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In general, how successful was the lesson? Did the students learn what you intended for them to learn? How did you know?
-I believe the lesson was very successful. In the beginning of the lesson, the students were engaged with the Do Now: “Who are some explores that you know? Which European nations went exploring?” I had multiple students answer with explorers from the time period we were discussing and other from American History. For example some students said, “Lewis and Clark and Buzz Aldrin.” Second, when the students were logging into Schoology and downloading the Historical Head worksheet and directions, multiple students were helping each other get on task. The students were working diligently throughout the period answering the …show more content…

Some students show their personal talents by drawing images associated with their assigned explorers. Others students asked multiple questions to ensure that they were staying on task or asking me to provide feedback for their work during the period. Some of the students were looking at other websites for more historical information about their explorer then the document that was provided.

What formative assessments did you use during this lesson to monitor student progress? How did you adjust instruction based on this data?
-The formative assessments that I used to monitor the student progress were periodically checking to see how far along the students were in completing the assignment. I also provided more instruction, examples, and made sure the students were answering all the questions that were required. When I saw that multiple students were struggling with one or more of the required questions. I brought the class back together and provided examples of what I was looking for and expending from their work. For example, “Symbols that best represent the historical figure.” I told the class that these should be actual images of the explorer, where they traveled to, how did they get there, and which nation where they from. Another example of the adjustment was for, “I hope history remembers me as…” I told the class the example of Michael Jordon wants to be remembered for being one the greatest basketball players of all time. I also, said

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