The Importance Of Teaching Literature

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Mostly, parent believe teaching literature to kid is hard and blame technology, social media to keeping their kids diverted these days, which is completely wrong. Because, parents and teachers are unable to teach literature kids and students not being enough involving and connected, which is making parents and teachers hard to teach the literature. That is why, instructors needs to be attentive in his or her classroom toward to non native to make the students involving to build them as effective readers and parents needs to take time from daily busy work schedules for their kids to getting closer to them and recognize and break their barrier that stopping them to read literature. Nowadays, many kids highly engaged themselves with social media and technology lack of their parents attention that create weak communications with their child, fail to create bond between them to compel their kids to listen to them that could allow to mold their kids better strong individual in community by educate about cultures that is all inside literature. And, people from different culture also find harder to read due to not getting proper attention and poor teaching system, which is making harder student to read literature lack of understanding ability to non native or students with learning disability. So, it is very important for parents and teachers to be involving and attentive toward their kids and any students to teach literature or to make effective reader to read any complex text.

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