Computer Technology And The Internet

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Computer Technology and Internet The internet has changed the world like nothing before it. It has changed communications and computer technologies, and allowed other technologies to come along. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and the computer in the past brought about the invention of the internet. Internet is one of the most successful commitments to research and development of information capabilities. The first record of any type of social interaction on the internet, through networking, was in August of 1962. It was actually a series of memos from J.C.R. Licklider, which discussed his “Galactic Network”. This was a vision that all computers would be globally connected so that everyone could access programs and data from anywhere. J.C.R. was the first head of the computer research team at DARPA. In 1965, the first computers, a TX-2 and a Q-32, were connected from Massachusetts to California using a low speed dial-up telephone line. This was the first connection of two computers to exchange information and run the same programs. This concept turned into a large program, which in turn, was called “ARPANET”. This “ARPANET” is what has lead us to today’s internet. Google was officially a domain name on September 7, 1997. Google was created by two college students at Stanford, and was a play on the word “googol”. They used the play on “googol” as a mission objective to gain an infinite amount of information. Google quickly became an international
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