The Importance Of Technology

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In the article by Dr. Vannevar Bush titled “As we may think” many issues relating to technology and its advancements and tragedies were mentioned. The article begins with Dr. Vannevar Bush discussing science and its relationship to warfare to be more specific his involvement as one of the scientists to develop the atomic bomb. A bomb that had many repercussions and killed approximately “140,000 people. This was a retaliation for what happened in pearl harbor which an attack on American soil by the Japanese. As a result, the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as started a war. The technological advances made by the scientists had advances that help civilization and caused a lot of destruction as well. Dr. Vannevar mentioned …show more content…

The traditional method of hand writing was not something that was with the times and had to be modified. This futuristic thinking has brought about Google, Facebook, Twitter as well as many other advancements that wouldn’t have been here today if it wasn’t for inventions such as the Memex. Although there exist many benefits to technology there are also some downsides such as the atomic bomb that wiped out over 140,000 people in Japan. This atomic bomb did not only kill people in 1945 but the bomb left continued after effects such much or the cities (Nagasaki, Hiroshima) was destroyed as well as radiation which caused birth defects. There were many babies born with birth defects because of the extreme exposure to the high levels of radiation. Although the bombing was in retaliation for the pearl harbor incident many civilians suffered and continue to suffer as a result of the atomic bomb. Technology also creates many warfare such as drones, spy devices as well as an app on phones that can access every aspect of your life. These innovations can feel like they are causing more harm than good. Globalization is also something that some grapple with although we have access to global trade and knowledge because of globalization and much more some see it as a tool to cultural homogenization.

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