The Importance Of Technology In Education

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Technology involves using tools to solve problems. From the perspective of a teacher, technology helps present information to students. A smart board or a Promethean board is a form of technology that helps present materials during a lesson. Students with visual impairments and visual learners benefit from the usage of smart boards and Promethean boards. For example, while doing observations for a second-grade class I noticed a teacher using an electronic version of their math textbook. Students had their textbooks out and the teacher had it up on the smart board so that they could all work on problems together. When I was in elementary school there were only black boards. However, I did take computer classes all throughout elementary school and all my classrooms had computer centers. I was not exposed to a smartboard until I reached middle school. One goal of adding the smart boards was to make both students and students more technologically savvy. Another goal was to increase the interaction and interest of students within the classroom. Midway through the seventh-grade, the classrooms got Promethean boards. At first, they were confusing to use, but by the time the year ended I was able to use them, so I achieved the goal of being more technologically savvy. Despite the initial confusion, they were fun to use in the classroom. My reading teacher would get electronic books and put them on the board as we read a story. At the end of a unit, this teacher would create Jeopardy
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