The Importance Of Technology In Education

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The research behind technology in education demonstrates numerous types of techniques and devices that have been found to affect the success of students and teachers. Why do students and teachers only succeed when utilizing certain technologies? To answer this question, technology as a whole has an immense impact on education, but the technology must be integrated correctly and effectively into the classroom in order to be triumphant. Proper integration of technology will lead to success in the classroom. Technology is a tool used in education to improve digital collaboration and research in the classroom. There is a variety of types of technology devices, ranging from softwares including Microsoft Office to online sites like Google Slides. In classrooms, students and teachers utilize personal laptops or tablets that are used to communicate, edit, collaborate, and learn when the class is not together. With tablets and laptops, “its mobility allows students to engage in academic activities during times that might otherwise be wasted,” and students can have others review their projects, ask the teacher questions, and can educate themselves on a topic if they need assistance (Pilgrim 17). Within computers, many softwares and websites can be used for the benefit of the students’ learning. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, and more sites are used to construct a presentation to give the students a better understanding and attention grabbing version of the information.

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