The Importance Of Technology In The Private Eye

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The Private Eye (by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martins with Muntsa Vicente), a sci-fi graphic novel, explores society’s views on technology by defying what the reader may expect by portraying a society that strongly opposes and fears current world attitudes towards technology. Privacy in this world is seen as so exceedingly important that society in it has completely rejected the internet. They still advance technologically, but in a different direction than in the real world, and use various kinds of masks and other appearance altering technologies for the sake of privacy. They gravitate towards these types of technology because of familiarity, and deny anything that could potentially compromise their privacy, like the internet. Essentially, it’s a moral thing, but to the degree that threatening privacy would be like threatening their freedom. Privacy is part of what being a human is to these people. It’s a natural thing that everyone should have to them. This is where The Private Eye and real life are most alike in that one’s idea of what it is to be human determines willingness to accept new technologies. Familiarity is what causes this idea of what human is when it comes to accepting new technology or ideas.
In real life, people generally enjoy the ideas of sci-fi-esque technologies in theory. The reason many inventions in science fiction don’t actually exist is because they go beyond what people consider human, at least the doable ones. Sure, technology is intended to

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