The Importance Of Technology

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If asked to completely unplug from every means of technology in daily life, how many would be able to do it? How many could simply read a book instead of watch television or a movie? How many could perform their jobs without a computer? How many could walk to work instead of driving a car? But maybe more than anything else, how many could go without their phones? Even for one day. As a society, it would be impossible to imagine a world without technology. It has become such a massive part of everyday life for a majority of people. Whether it is used for work, entertainment, social networking, or simply killing time, technology has continued to change, for better or worse, how things are accomplished. Technology is continually growing and changing and there are many advancements seen today that could never have been dreamed of years ago. And while the goal and hope of technology is that it will be used to improve people’s lives and make the world more efficient, is the continual advancing of technology in the best interest of today’s society? The rapid advancement of technology intent on assisting society may consequently be producing the opposite effect and causing today’s generations to be unable to function without it. As technology continues to grow and advance, it is easy to see how it is designed to be beneficial and to make life better. It seems that most things are just much easier to do today than they ever have been before. With so many options now
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