Technology And Technology : The Importance Of Technology

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Mankind’s capability to advance as a species can be attributed to one major practice, and that is the constant increase in use and development of technology that enhances us or our surroundings. Ever since the era of cavemen we have been using technology to help make our lives easier or, at least, more enjoyable. Through these accomplishments, humans have transformed from being just another animal merely existing to a conscious entity that is always striving to achieve more on an individual or collective setting. Without technology the fundamental necessities of a functioning society such as; communication, education, employment, and health care would be unavailable, leaving us vulnerable to the harsh realities of a world that doesn’t take pity on the unknowing. To better understand and appreciate the importance of technology that we have today I think it’s important to look back at where it all began. The first form of technology came approximately 72,000 years ago in the shape of primitive tools such as rocks for mashing foraged foods and sharp sticks for hunting wildlife. Robert Buchanan explains the difference in technology used by humans compared to animals: Essentially, techniques are methods of creating new tools and products of tools, and the capacity for constructing such artifacts is a determining characteristic of humanlike species. Other species make artifacts: bees build elaborate hives to deposit their honey, birds make nests, and beavers build dams. But

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