The Importance Of Texting While Driving

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Do you love your smart phone? Most Americans do. Everyone enjoys talking to family, friends, or even do business when in the car. It saves time. In this passage you will learn that talking or texting while driving is not something we should be doing. Twenty-six percent of traffic accidents occur when people talk on cellphones or send text messages while driving (Distracted). Even using a hands-free device is not as safe as one might think. Most Americans love smart phones like Apple, Samsung, Moto, and LG. What people don’t know is that these devices are killing them. It is nice to be connected to family when on the road. But being safe is more important. Hand held devices are the number one reason for vehicle accidents today. People get distracted when they answer the phone or use hand held devices for looking up information while driving. There is no single one reason to text or talk while driving. One can simply pull over to a parking area and use any device needed. There is so much education on the internet to help us from being distracted while driving. The number one myth is that drivers can multitask (Distracted Driving Research). Eating, putting on make-up, or even reaching for something while driving can cause someone to lose control on the road. Keeping your purse or briefcase in the trunk will help remind you …show more content…

Some states it is illegal to talk and drive, but it is a federal law not to text and drive. In some states there is restrictions on even talking on hands-free devices. Many states have laws against using any hand-held devices while driving for those under 18 or driving a school bus. A general distracted-driving law allows officers to charge drivers for a broader range of distracted-driving behavior in the event of an accident. In all states it is illegal for school bus drivers to use a hand-held device while driving. (Cell Phone Driving Bans State by

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