The Importance Of The Community In My Community

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What I have done to make my community a better place is that ever since 2009 I’ve help my church serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless or for people they don't have a family or that can’t afford one a dinner. I help sometimes cook the meal then sometimes I like to switched and make the hygiene bags from then I usually will go help fold clothes to give out. we have donations people would bring in clothes that they don't usually use no more or want to wear. Sometimes even people from the church come and donate to my church St. Paul's United Method Church. Sometime it's people around the neighborhood or even people far away from the church This year we serve 400 people we try to make sure we go up each and every year to sever more and more families. We also try to make sure they're extra so if someone comes and ask to get second we can tell them to come back at 3 to give them an extra plate to go but our main goal is to serve everybody first that come so we know that they are feed and to see if we have left over to give out to people. We also let them take home with them some clothes after they're done eating and take a hygiene bag with them to go but this is some of the way i like to help my community to be a better place in the world. The most significant challenge I have face in my life was the ending of 6 grade why because that the time I found out my dad was dying. He was my best friend the only parent that if I have had a problem with in school he would be the

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