The Importance Of The Crusades

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Many major turning points in history improved certain empires throughout time. Major turning points such as wars in European history influenced how they work to support their own empire. The Crusades and the Encounter were major turning points in history because they changed Europe socially and economically. The Crusades changed daily routines in European empires and brought changes that would have impact in the future. The Crusades, a holy war, was a conflict between Christians in Medieval Europe and Muslims in the Middle East. It was the very first time medieval Europe had contact with people from other continents. Europeans depended on themselves for crops and materials and thus, there was no trading occurring. The Crusades occurred…show more content…
The Encounter, a period or age of exploration, impacted Europe economically by providing them wealth. During the 15th century, Europeans wanted to find an oceanic route to places in Asia, such as India and China. This is mainly because they wanted goods from them and getting goods from their origin was cheaper than getting from neighboring empires, who would sell these goods for higher prices to make profit. The purpose of the idea of exploration was for gold, glory and god. Columbus, an italian explorer, tried persuading European empires to sponsor his for a trip to Asia and in return, he would bring them gold. Many kings denied Columbus while the king of Spain was interested in his idea and sponsored him. As a result of the expedition, Columbus found the Americas, which he believed was the Indies and created a trading relationship between the Americas and Europe. New raw materials like tobacco and potatoes were introduced to Europe. Europe in return, provided the Tainos, native people who lived in the Americas, goods and diseases. These diseases rapidly spread in the Americas and the native people couldn’t cure these diseases because they never encounter these diseases before the Europeans came and thus, their population decreased by millions. After the vast decrease in native population, Europeans needed workers in the New world to
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