The Importance Of The Freedom Of Education

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Education is defined as the act of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment. Having the freedom of education allows everyone including women to have the opportunity to learn and be able to adapt in the industrial world. Through the use of different rhetoric, Yousafzai and Clinton demonstrate the importance of women's rights and education in society.

To begin with, both authors use the repetition of parallel structures to advocate for women's rights and their freedom of education. This can be shown as the text states "We call upon the world leaders that...must protect women and children’s rights...We call upon all governments to ensure free compulsory education for every child all over the world" (Yousafzai 14). This piece of evidence shows that not only is the speaker speaking about the injustice against women all over the world, but it shows that she is willing to find a solution to help protect women's rights. By repeating 'we call upon' in the speech, it prompts the readers to focus on the different aspects of things that they can do to help fight against this injustice. The speaker wants every government to make sure that every child has an education as it is one of the most effective ways to help a community flourish. When a child is educated, they have the opportunity to get a job and bring a sufficient income to the family. If both the woman and the man bring an income in a family, it allows a family to be able to flourish and in

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