The Importance Of The Government

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Throughout history, government has been criticized and called out for it’s inability to do it’s job of protecting its people properly. People see the government as power hungry, cold, and corrupt. This is evident throughout time when the people are discontent with their government. Henry David Thoreau once said, “That government is best which governs least.” Henry David Thoreau lived two hundred years ago, but his statement is still relevant today. I neither disagree or agree with his statement. Both forms of government has it’s flaws and benefits and I feel it’s dangerous to only agree with one side. The government should not be intertwined with the lives of the citizens but the government should not have a hands off approach either. I believe the government should be a balance of the hands off approach and the government that utilizes it’s power. I believe that a government that does not use it’s power is wrong because it would slow down humanity and leave the country’s citizens vulnerable. Without a strong government, advances in science and medicine would slow down completely (Figurative language, hyperbole). NASA would cease to exist and many government backed science programs would be lost. This would mean a considerable loss in human advancement. A government where it uses it’s power can be strong because it unites many to solve one problem. A government has the power to make changes that a private company may not have the funds or authority to do. Another reason

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