The Importance Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution took place from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. It was a very difficult time for most people. Factory workers got paid very little, rent was hard to pay for most, and living and working conditions were awful and could be dangerous to work in. Most people lived in tenements and slums. Prices for items started to grow as a higher demand for those items grew. But also during this time, many new products were invented that were, and most still are, very helpful to consumers. In 1698, the steam engine was invented and was used a lot during the Industrial Revolution. Before the steam engine it took a long time to get a package or something to someone else, this made it much easier and faster to deliver a package to another person. It was also made traveling to different places faster. There was also a lot more space on these trains which made it possible for more products to be shipped faster. There was so many inventions invented during this time in history that helped people live a much easier life. For example, in 1879 Thomas A. Edison invented the lightbulb. We still use the lightbulb very much to this day over one hundred years later. The telephone also was invented just three years before the lightbulb. The telephone was created by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone was and still is, used to communicate with people who you may not live close to, rather than having to wait weeks to send and receive a letter. Other major inventions

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