The Importance Of The Millennial Generation

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Previous age groups have many expressed much dissatisfaction toward the Millennial generation, but many may stem from simple misunderstanding. For example, employers hire Millennials in the hopes of utilizing their creativity, and then criticize them if they do not also demonstrate the same ‘diligence’ that their other employees may possess. However, research shows that possessing these skills to be considered a diligent worker can be detrimental to the creativity of a person (Corgnet, Espín, and Hernán-González). Older generations are so critical of Millennials and the way they live their lives because they believe they feel immensely entitled and severely narcissistic. One common descriptor of Millennials from the mouths of older generations is ‘entitled.’ They feel that Millennials are ungrateful, demanding, and overly critical of a society they have yet to prove themselves to. This generation often “seek key roles in significant projects soon after their organizational entry and very early in the membership negotiation process,” causing older employees to see them as demanding of things they haven’t earned (Myers and Sadaghiani). They feel entitled in more than just work, feel they shouldn’t have to pay for things other did. A Harvard survey reveals that a majority of Millennials supported Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, mainly because of his claims to provide free college education (Harvard IOP Spring 2016 Poll). Many older generations were outraged by the
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