The Importance Of The Nuclear Family

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The nuclear family is the basic unit of a primitive society. In such families, the adult tends to be autonomous, and issues concerning a single family are often solved within that particular family (Potegal & Novaco, 2010). However, when issues involving the entire nuclear family have to be solved, some adults are consulted, and their opinions weighed based on the favorable solution to the family without having to force compliance (Potegal & Novaco, 2010). That is because compliance is expected to happen voluntarily. Often, a leader that appears to be more thoughtful is trusted with matters relating to the extended. Chagnon in his five years stay among the primitive people befriended the most trusted leader among them. According to Chagnon (1968), the most influential leader in the village is regarded as the headman who has particular political responsibilities with other Yanomamo communities but has little influence over those within his community except in the event of a war with an enemy. This categorization by Chagnon demonstrates a common ethnographic evidence (Albert & Le Tourneau, 2007). Mayor (2012) characterizes the hunting and gathering Yanomamo as a simplistic egalitarian society. People in such communities are judged according to individual merit rather than the status an individual acquired through force or inheritance (Mayor, 2012). The adults in the society are always the autonomous decision makers while also can consider accepting or ignoring the advice of

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