The Importance Of The Religion Of Hinduism And Hinduism

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Religion is an important component of culture and cultural identity. The strength of its practice could depend on the location. For the Religion of Hinduism, heavy influence is held all across India. Hinduism holds many contrasting values and practices from the religion of Christianity.
The first notable instance of the Hindu religion when opposed to Christianity is that while the Christians believe in 3 deities (The Holy Trinity), The Hindu religion holds the belief that there are many deities. Christians and Hindus have beliefs of how life or the cycle of life works and deciding \ which religion to truly believe may be a matter of which religion accept one's’ birth or caste status.
Over 300 million deities exist that Hindus believe …show more content…

There are five main groups that make up the hierarchy. Starting with the top of the caste system, are those that hold occupations such as priests and scholars, these are known as The Brahmins. Under them are the rulers or warriors known as the Kshatriyas. Vaishyas fall beneath them and mostly are made up of merchants or landowners. The last two groups are the Shudras and Dalits. The work for the three groups above them and those who are known as Dalits are a class of people who are considered untouchable and the lowest of low. The Dalits are said to be at the bottom because they hold “unclean occupations” (Corduan, 2012). The Caste system is an integral part of life which most people are born into and highly involved in. The only ones who don't abide by the caste system are those who aren't very religious. The level of the caste is ultimately reflective of how highlight regarded a person is as those in the Dalits level of the caste system is shunned because they are regarded as untouchable. Furthermore those who are in the lowest level of the caste never interact with those at the top of the caste and have the occupations that are undesirable like corpse removal.
In Christianity the basic belief and practices are found following their own holy book which is The bible. For hindus, their holy books are known as the Vedas and the key practices besides following the Vedas are to “accept the caste system, respect the

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