The Importance Of Tourism In Indonesia

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With a population of 258,316,051, Indonesia has a colourful city, culture and people. Indonesia’s capital is Jakarta and it holds the majority of Indonesia’s population. The main languages in Indonesia are Bahasa Indonesia, English in addition to Dutch as well as the local dialects. Their currency is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). The topics covered in this report include tourism, defence and education. Tourism: Tourism is a fundamental component of the Indonesian economy. The contribution of tourism to their GDP in 2014 was IDR 325,467 billion (US$26,162 million) which summed up to 3.2% of their GDP. In 2015 9.73 million international visitors visited Indonesia and each person spent approximately AUD $193.21 during their visit. The Indonesian government wanted to invest in more tourism advancement in 2016 so they could raise their GDP. Their goal is for 275 more visitors per annul by the end of 2019. Some of the most visited places in Indonesia are mainly religious temples such as, Borobudur – a Buddhist temple, Tanah – a lost island temple and Prambanan – a Hindu temple. Australia and Indonesia have a close relationship and it is shown by how they visit each other often. Almost 16,200 Indonesians visited Australia in June 2016 moreover 116,000 Australian visited Indonesia in June 2016 more than any month in history. Indonesia was the most popular place to visit for Australians (June 2016), beating New Zealand as Australia's most popular holiday haven. Australian tourism

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