The Importance Of Wealth And A Consumerist Nation

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Derek Crosby

Online British Literature

6 August 2015

Social Classholes:

The Importance of Wealth Historically and in a Consumerist Nation

One of the most important aspects of any novel is the theme. Furthermore, themes that express practicalities that people in the real world deal with regularly are that much more effecting. That’s why novels like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre are timeless; their themes are extremely important and will forever ring true in society. Most prevalently of the themes in these novels is social class. Social class is something that has been, and always will be, very important to society; as happens in the novels, people are unjustly judged based upon their monetary position in society. For the setting of the stories, these people saw nothing wrong with this prejudice; and this was also a truth in reality. The more privileged were more eligible for happiness. When studying history, literature, and just the normal everyday life, social class pops up into nearly every medium.

In the United States, the relevance and importance of social class is absolutely enormous. The hulking impact that class and stature has on people is largely apart of the nations problems. Statistics are shocking; the amount of homeless people, or just the population of people in poverty in all, is a number to be dealt with. The numbers are astounding; ninety percent of all American citizens share one percent of the wealth. The other ninety

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