The Importance Of Wellness For Human Health

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Wellness for human health is the important facts for individual and their physician or caregivers [6]. The human health condition may require assistance, which can be taken from a physician or monitored through various electronic devices and medical equipments. To know health condition people are using health monitoring devices and a they can view the result through the display screen of the small portable devices [6]. In an emergency situation the small portable devices help to monitor the condition immediately and take necessary action for the curing the health disorder. The individual’s knowledge on health condition helps to improve the wellness level of current health state, risk and how to live healthier lives [6]. This knowledge can be shared by providing training and some session for awareness about health, but after some days people may forget [6]. But arranging training for people may be an extra expense for government [6]. The telehealth care facility is cost effective process than face-to-face consultation, as it has been tried and tested in one of the provinces in Canada [6]. This helps to provide knowledge, suggestion, and access the health care system [6]. “The wellness indicator is designed to give people a better understanding in their wellness condition and fast access to the relevant information, potentially help them to improve the quality of their lives.By integrating a wellness indicator system with a hospital king system potentially assist a
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