What Type Of Clients Can Benefit From Being Enrolled As A Telehealth Program?

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1. What is telehealth and how is it useful to care for clients? Include a description of what type of clients can benefit from being enrolled in a telehealth program?
Telehealth is the use of electronic information to support long distance clinical health care, patient education, and public health administration. Telehealth involves video conferences, internet, streaming media, and wireless communication to deliver health related services. It encompasses the preventative, promotive, and curative aspects of health care. This system exchanges health related data and other information between the patient and the health care professional to help with the diagnosis and management of conditions. It allows for conferencing between health care professionals and patients in “real time”, remote patient monitoring (such as the blood pressure monitor feeding results through the system), electronic consultation, transmission of medical data, health advice in emergency cases, and long distance patient education. Telehealth is great for monitoring a client in between doctor appointments in order to assess their progression. This benefits the clients because it reduces the need for hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room, while improving their quality of life.
(Taylor, et. al, 2014)

2. How would you assess the client’s knowledge regarding her condition, risk factors, and medication?
The nurse could ask the client what they know about their condition, risk factors, and…
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