How White People Receive Their Privilege

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I think acknowledging privilege matter. I think white people have more privilege than any other skin color people. I would like to describe privilege as an advantage given to people. They can use them anywhere without fearing of anything. Being born in a white rich family also have many advantages in the society. You don’t have to worry about anybody questioning you. I think white people have a different life comparing to other people. I think it is better for white people to acknowledge their privilege. How can you acknowledge privilege without doing anything to lessen or end it? Acknowledge means to accept the truth. If you accept the truth and do nothing about it is meaningless. Acknowledgment can have a big impact in our life. We all know white people always had and always will have the same privilege so it’s better for them to accept it. For example-You are a black person. You are inside the store buying candy without any intention. Even you are just trying to buy candy why the cashier always look at you as if you are stealing something. A white person who was doing the exact activity the cashier would not even look twice to him. “Why always privilege to white people?” “Why negative thinking to another race?” I think white people should accept the truth and should respect their privilege. They always should use their privilege in the right way. They are fortunate to have all this white privilege.

2. The daily effects of white privilege in McIntosh’s list that sticks

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